Top Equity Mutual Funds

What is Equity?

Equity is nothing but stock markets. It means you are buying a share of a company and if that company performs well in future then you profit by selling your shares at a higher price in the market. You can either buy a share directly or you can invest in Mutual Funds who in turn invest in the best performing shares for you.

  • In Equity, we offer you Top performing Mutual Funds which directly choose invest in the shares of best performing listed companies and help you earn returns from same

Why do people invest in Equity?

Investing in Equity enables you to earn higher rates of returns than Fixed deposits. The returns depend on which company’s shares you invest & the performance of that company. While there is risk of capital loss if the shares don’t perform as expected, there is scope for higher return too as Equity is the only asset class which can deliver above average long-term returns as well as beat inflation.

Minimum Period

Investment in all Top recommended Mutual fund Equity schemes can be withdrawn anytime without any lock-in period.

Risk / Return factors

Investments in Equity Mutual Funds have high chances of volatility as returns are completely market linked.

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